💗 Meet the JFL Team 💗

I wanted to take a second to introduce you to our JFL team. They deserve a big shout out. This is our busy time of the year and they have been working so hard. Nicole Little aka Nicole Erin Spicer is our JFL director of operations. She knows everything about everything JFL. Nicole has been with us for over 2 years, she's married, a stay at home/working mom of 4, working multiple jobs. Nicole does all customer relations for JFL. If you need anything she is your lady. Nicole also runs our photography/model program, all our social media accounts, and our wholesale operations. Thank you Nicole you are invaluable to us. 💗Nikki Pax is the JFL warehouse manager. She has...

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Bella's Dress

Nicole and I were working late into the night like we often do. She sent me a link to a Tiktok video and told me that I had to watch it. I watched the video with over a million views and cried. Nicole and I instantly fell in love with this sweet and creative little girl. We made the decision to make her dress almost immediately. Thinking we'd be up against a million other clothing brands we contacted Bella's mom and asked if we could make Bella's dress for her. We were completely shocked and overjoyed to hear back from her. The incredible privilege of bringing Bella's dress to life was ours and we didn't take it lightly. We put...

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