Esperanza Viva - Puebla Mexico

It was midday on April 5th when we drove down the dirt road in Puebla Mexico, alongside the 15 foot tall cement wall. We stopped at the gate where a guard is on duty 24 hours a day.

It felt safe when we were inside the gates. That feeling of safety washed over me and made me smile for the kids inside... they have a safe home. What a relief. But it also made me feel guilty because I know I don't have to worry about whether or not I have a safe place to sleep. Then I started to think about all the kids that still need a safe home... I quickly stopped myself from going down that spiral and got out of the car. We were all in masks and had a covid test with a negative result. We grabbed the suitcases of clothing and brought them to the office where the staff would store or distribute them. I smiled with my eyes and we started the tour. We stayed outside as they showed the buildings where the kids eat, sleep, play, and go to school. As I walked past the kids playing outside I just wanted to hug them all. I was so happy they were there and not on the streets or worse. They had a safe place to live, grow, and call home. What an amazing thing. I felt so thankful. The tour was short and sweet. We did what we set out to do.  We delivered some new, high quality clothes. Just to say we are thinking of you, you are so loved. Your childhood is important. We believe in you. And we hope you create good childhood memories dancing, singing, twirling, and just being a kid. 

 We are proud sponsors of the Doese family as they love and teach the children of Esperanza Viva. It is our hope that these beautiful children will share in the joy that they are giving us.

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