Inside Puebla

Inside the 10 ft cement walls and beyond the locked gate we found our home for the next few days. And a home it was. We walked into beautiful brick walls painted white with vibrant color everywhere. Blankets, pillows, and wall hangings all a perfect mixture of Mexico and the Doese’s (pronounced daisy). I was so relieved. Not because I wanted a comfortable place to stay for our few days in Mexico. But because I knew all the comforts they gave up to be missionaries and I guess my heart needed to know they still had a home, not just a house. A safe home to live, laugh, learn, rest, and be rejuvenated in. I was thankful. 

I woke up the next morning and headed to the bathroom. Looking me straight in the face was a colorful sign “Do NOT drink the water!” Thankful for the reminder I used the water bottle they had labeled for me to wet my toothbrush. I see another sign “Do NOT flush the toilet paper”.  Another welcome reminder. Downstairs I was greeted by big smiles and the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life.

The girls were instantly attached at the hips. If the giggles that bounced off the brick walls could be bottled up and sold we would be millionaires. Joc and I would look at each other many times in the next few days and share a smile. We both knew they were making amazing childhood memories. They were learning the life lesson that “True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s about separating and nothing changes”. A sign with that quote sat next to our bed.

While our kids were making memories and learning life lessons I wanted to know everything. We walked up and down their quaint street within the cement walls they share with Esperanza Viva talking about life in Mexico.

I learned sex trafficking is Mexico’s second most lucrative form of organized crime and the sex-slavery capital of Mexico is only 18 miles away from them. I learned about how children come to Esperanza Viva. Children that previously were living on the streets, abandoned, exploited, trafficked or orphaned. 

I saw the need for their sacrificial life of service. And oh their hearts… for the children. Again I was over-come with gratitude. We stepped outside the gate for a moment so I could see the orphanage. There it was…. A safe home. 

I smiled at the guard standing in the 24-hour-guard-post. We couldn’t go in just yet but as I peered through the gates those two words continued to circle inside me…

Safe. Home.

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  • Laura Strother

    Thanks for sharing their mission with us. Missionaries are angels on earth.

  • Anais Roberts

    When we go to Mexico I have to remind my older daughter that the toilet paper 🧻 doesn’t go instead the toilet. She has to put in in the trash can. … same with the water , don’t drink water from the faucet. One day, I’d love to visit that place. 💕

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