To Mexico

On April 1st, 2021 Aubrey and I left the house with so much excitement, gratitude, and just a little nervousness about what we were about to experience. We got on a plane in Minnesota, stopped in Texas, and proceeded to Mexico City. When we arrived in Mexico we were greeted by an amazing immigration crew. They took our temps, sanitized our hands and waved us over to the next crew member. They were so kind to us even though I didn’t fill out the immigration forms. I thought the flight attendant was handing us a credit card application… whoops. We apologized and filled them out. Now we were running behind the rest of the passengers. So I had no idea where to go or what to do. I spotted a gentleman standing with our three 52lb bags on a cart, he kindly added our two carry-on’s to the cart. At this point I’m pretty impressed with my Mexico customer service experience but this next part earned them 5 stars. I looked around for my next step. I should add I do not speak Spanish. Aubrey does, but with everyone in masks it added another level of difficulty in understanding them. I walk towards another gentleman and he looks at me… says a few things and I give him a look of “I have NO idea what you’re saying”. He gestured for me to leave customs. I said “my bags haven’t been checked!”. He gestured again. I repeat myself (a few times). Then he gives me a look and I felt him say “get moving crazy lady”... So that was it! They didn’t check our 5 bags of donations. I was prepared for what to say and for them to charge me, I was totally ready. But I was thankful to get through customs so quickly.

We contacted our friends who had a car waiting for us. Aubrey and I were advised to stay inside the airport until we had eyes on the car. When our driver, Ramon, arrived he grabbed our suitcases without being asked and loaded them into the car. We started our two plus hour drive to Puebla Mexico. The first thing I noticed was the colors. So bright and so beautiful. The pink, orange, and green walls made me smile.

While in traffic in Mexico City there were men and women walking up and down the middle of the roads selling snacks, drinks, and offering to wash your windows. Im impressed by all of these hard working Mexicans so far. They seem to be going above and beyond for us. Whatever the reason, I appreciate hard workers. Again I smile through my mask and hope they notice my eyes smiling at them. I later find out Mexico City is the 5th largest city in the world and that the minimum wage is equivalent to five dollars a day (insert me slapping my head). No wonder they work so hard! How do they survive?!? How do they provide food for their families? How do they provide a safe home for their children.  Those words “safe home” rang through my soul the whole trip.

Safe. Home.

We proceeded to our destination and let me tell you I was incredibly thankful I wasn’t driving. Boy oh boy that was an experience. It’s definitely not like the US when you just follow the nice neat yellow and white lines on the road. A little over two hours in the car we turn onto a dirt road. Greeted by a pack of wild dogs we started down this dirt road.

I was pretty sure we had been kidnapped at this point. We drove maybe 2 mph and I debated jumping out and walking. A dirt road that is beyond your imagination. Side note: I’m trying to not use all capes because I tend to get very excited about things and I realize in text it may seem like I’m yelling, I’m not just very excited, this is the exception. The roads were SO BUMPY! Okay you get the point the road was bumpy and it hurt my body but it lead us to a 10 foot cement wall and a gate. Ramon gets out to open the gate. I thought "well now is when we find out if we will meet our missionary friends or if we learn we have actually been kid napped". Just kidding… kind of. Moments later I see them! My friends! Oh my soul. 


  • Sarah Chezik

    Love hearing about the beginning of your adventure!

  • Anais Roberts

    I love everything you wrote about my beautiful country 🇲🇽. I love México, my culture, the people , the food. You described very well everything, the bright colors in the houses, the dog in the street , the traffic jam, etc

  • Shannon Corcoran

    Seriously, love the photos and the story! Kidnapped. LOL I can hear you through your written words.

  • Laura Strother


    I love this. Felt like I as right there with you. Will you continue the story?

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