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At Just For Littles we love fostering the creative minds of our youth. Creativity helps children to be more confident. It opens up the great world of art, science, and technology. Creative experiences help children express themselves and help families connect. It promotes problem solving and creative thinking skills. It is so so good. Throughout the year we do as much as we can to promote creativity in kids. We have even visited classrooms and taught kids about the process of designing clothes. However, our annual coloring contest is our favorite event for fostering creativity... and it's back. Yay!

Without further ado I present:

Be the next Little designer!

Official Dress Design coloring contest rules:

    1. Print out the official JFL coloring contest sheet.
    2. Have your child design their dream dress or shirt. *This will be produced and released this winter. Design appropriately. ;) 
    3. Take a picture of their completed coloring sheet and post it to the coloring contest album in JustForLittles VIP group. Or email it to
    4. Pictures must be clear with child's name and age to be entered.
    5. Submit your design by 7 PM CST on August 16th.
    6. Winners will be announced the following week.
    7. Print and color as many coloring sheets as desired. But only one coloring sheet per child can be entered in the contest. 
    8. Adults are welcome to participate but only ages 10 or under will be entered into the contest.
    9. Tips for fostering creativity: Put the colored pencils and blank coloring sheet in front of your child. That's it. Try not to give them any suggestions or ideas. Let their brains do all the work. :)  
    10. An unbiased team will vote on creativity and 2 winners will be selected.
    11. The dress winner will have a dress inspired by their design created and will receive that dress for free.
    12. The shirt winner will have a shirt inspired by their design created and will receive that shirt for free. 
    13. Be nice. This is all in good fun.

Are you excited yet? I'm freaking out inside! 


Our 2019 Little Designer:

The Cloud Dress

2019 design a dress winner

Our 2020 Little Designer:

The Watermelon Dress


Our other creative Littles:

Coloring sheets:


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