💗 Meet the JFL Team 💗

I wanted to take a second to introduce you to our JFL team. They deserve a big shout out. This is our busy time of the year and they have been working so hard.

Nicole Little aka Nicole Erin Spicer is our JFL director of operations. She knows everything about everything JFL. Nicole has been with us for over 2 years, she's married, a stay at home/working mom of 4, working multiple jobs. Nicole does all customer relations for JFL. If you need anything she is your lady. Nicole also runs our photography/model program, all our social media accounts, and our wholesale operations. Thank you Nicole you are invaluable to us. 💗

Nikki Pax is the JFL warehouse manager. She has been with us for over a year. If you have received a package from us its because of her. Nikki is married and a stay at home/working mom of 2 also working multiple jobs. Nikki has her hands on everything in the warehouse from the second the shipment is received, to taking and counting inventory, doing quality control, to fulfilling all of your orders. She is an incredible worker and we couldn’t do it without her. 💗

Me. I’m Tami. Owner and founder of JFL. I do a little of everything. From design, to marketing, ads, website, legal, financial. I handle all of the ordering and international communication. 💗
The three of us work closely everyday to plan each launch, drop, dress etc. I’m so thankful for these ladies. We are so blessed to have them. 💗

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